Sensory Spectacles is a creative company. We specialize in taking a vision and making it reality.


We believe in passionately crafting visual wonder and an imaginative experience to the advertising,

film and entertainment industries. 


It's about maximizing the creative potential of every project for every client that we work with.


We are your marketing agency's best kept secret, small to medium size businesses best friend and ally in a corporation's campaign.





In todays world, video is the most effective means of selling a product and/or an idea. It is a fast, direct, and stimulating medium. We are able to take your vision from concept to script by collaborating with you to make the best possible video to suit your needs.

After scripting, we take your vision into production. Using top-of-the-line gear, we execute the vision frame by frame, always meticulously paying attention to every detail to ensure your satisfaction of the product.

Once we have some amazing footage to work with, we get into the editing booth and work endlessly until we create a final cut that both parties are completely satisfied with.




Tel: 618-534-9838



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